Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment

Brown Braude & Vlok Incorporated prides itself in being a South African law firm and is committed to embracing and encouraging transformation. At present we are a level two contributor.

BBV's focus on black economic empowerment goes beyond the firm itself. The firm funds the enterprise development of black enterprises. Whilst we strive to achieve employment equity within the firm we also review the employment equity of our suppliers and evaluate their compliance with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act.

BBBEE requires that engagement is measured across seven areas of an enterprise, the firm has therefore implemented various policies to achieve maximum participation. One such policy is the procurement policy.

Procurement Policy

Corporate purchasing policies and procurement practices tend to favour the larger and more established business making it difficult for a newcomer to enter into the procurement system. By actively intervening in the procurement of goods and services to ensure equitable representation of previously disadvantaged individuals, Brown Braude & Vlok Incorporated can contribute to social equity in economic activity.

The affirmative procurement policy ensures that the Brown Braude & Vlok Incorporated gives effect to procurement process issues of the Employment Equity Act. Brown Braude & Vlok Incorporated will review the employment equity of its suppliers and evaluate their compliance with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act. This evaluation will be based both on their black empowerment and on the internal workforce profile of each supplier.

Where two or more suppliers can provide the same or similar service/product (in terms of quality, value and efficiency), the supplier with the highest Black Empowerment Status that is more compliant in terms of employment equity measures, will be preferred.


To make it easier for disadvantaged persons and black empowered businesses to do business with Brown Braude & Vlok Incorporated by creating and enabling a healthy environment for such persons and businesses.

To ensure that an increasing proportion of contract, concessions, etc. are awarded to BEE's and to do business with a clear and proven commitment to black empowerment.

To provide opportunities to do business, which implement their own proven economic empowerment, programmes.

To create awareness, understanding and support of economic objectives among key stakeholders.

To encourage employment creation by providing business opportunities to BEE's and disadvantaged groups.

BBV recognises that in order to redress the inequalities of the past and enhance black economic empowerment its continued engagement in the BBBEE process is crucial. The firm will therefore continue to play a role in giving effect to broad based black economic empowerment by using existing policies and introducing new ones.

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